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Postcard from New York - Selected for you by Clio Art Fair

Postcard from New York - Selected for you by Clio Art Fair

In partnership with Clio Art Fair, we are presenting you a new format: Postcard From New York!


Every week, we will share with you what's happening the NYC art scene!

Let's discover what's going on these days in the Big Apple.


In Museums

Nick Cave: Forothermore
@ Guggenheim Museum


In honor of Cave’s desire to give access to the broadest audience, the opening weekend of Nick Cave: Forothermore will be free to the public, thanks in part to support by Ford Foundation.

Nick Cave (b. 1959, Fulton, Missouri) has become internationally celebrated for his elaborate installations and textile works, including his iconic Soundsuits, which blend sculpture, costume design, and instrument-making. Nick Cave: Forothermore will be a survey exhibition covering the entire breadth of the artist’s career, and it will feature sculpture, installation, video, and rarely seen early works. The title is a neologism, a new word that reflects the artist’s lifelong commitment to creating space for those who feel marginalized by dominant society and culture—especially working-class communities and queer people of color. The show will both highlight the development of Cave’s singular art practice and interrogate the promises, fulfilled or broken, that the late 20th and early 21st centuries offered to the “other.”

Installed in the museum’s tower galleries, the survey’s thematic sections are titled “What It Was,” “What It Is,” and “What It Shall Be”, inspired by an old African American greeting. The exhibition will unfold as a tripartite story, with each chapter looking into the past, present, and future of Cave’s practice. “What It Was” will explore early works that honor the artist’s creative and social foundations within his family and beyond. Living and working in Chicago, Cave often cites the psychedelic pageantry of George Clinton’s collective Parliament-Funkadelic and the flamboyant excess of Chicago house music as formative influences on his artistic development. “What It Is” will include Cave’s work that addresses oppression, loss, mourning, and remembrance, but also joy and collective celebration. Finally, “What It Shall Be” will gather Cave’s recent incarnation of Soundsuits and monumentally scaled Tondo works, which exemplify his survival strategies amid injustice.



In Galleries

@Gagosian - 555 West 24th Street, New York
November 12–December 23, 2022

Gagosian is pleased to announce Exodus, an exhibition of new work by Anselm Kiefer in New York and Los Angeles, to open on November 12 at 555 West 24th Street, New York, and on November 19 at Gagosian at Marciano Art Foundation, 4357 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles.

The large-scale paintings on view in New York and Los Angeles employ a wide range of materials including paint, terra-cotta, fabric, rope, wire, found objects, sediment of electrolysis, and metal—including copper and gold leaf. Mixing the abject and the exalted, these works are imbued with gesture, a sense of metamorphosis, and alchemical symbolism.

Kiefer’s syncretic approach to materials extends to his understanding of history, literature, and mythology as forces that inform the present. In this new body of work, he incorporates inscriptions in Hebrew from the book of Exodus, with thematic references to its narrative blended with a diversity of other sources. Full of symbolic thresholds between peoples, places, and times, the paintings are metaphysical allegories that meditate on loss and deliverance, dispossession and homecoming.



In Brooklyn

Aziz Hazara, It’s Only Sound That Remains

@ Gallery One

November 18, 2022–January 8, 2023

Aziz HazaraIt’s Only Sound That Remains examines sound as a powerful repository for memory, recognition, and a source of critical reflection in contemporary Afghanistan. Curated by Muheb Esmat, the exhibition brings together two large-scale video installations by Hazara that highlight the sonic performativity of power and politics in the everyday. Through two distinct acoustic experiences: a mourning ritual, and Kabul’s soundscape during the most recent regime change, the works in this exhibition portray sounds as a formidable agent and medium for personal and social transformation. 




Reuben Sinha, Breathing without Fear
@ Marcus Garvey Park


Breathing Without Fear . Ceramics and steel , 66” X 36”, 2022. On Display in Marcus Garvey Park through October 2023 . On Oval Lawn, near Madison Ave. & 121st Street entrance. ‘Breathing without fear’ is a site specific ceramic sculpture depicting two figures becoming one, and enjoying a community park post pandemic.

Reuben Sinha is a full time artist and former NYC public school art teacher living in Harlem, New York City. Originally from India, He has worked in a multitude of media including ceramics, encaustic, stained glass, and print-making. His art bridges his two often conflicting cultures. In conjunction with his immigrant identity, his art is influenced by the psychoanalytic field, and by his connection to New York’s racially marginalized communities. In 2004 he founded artHARLEM. Inc, and started organizing The Harlem Open Artist Studio Tour to bring recognition to Harlem’s underrepresented artists. His work has been acquired by private and public collections in India, Russia, Germany, Lebanon, Japan and the United States, including Columbia University and the Fulbright House in New Delhi.



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